Minorplanet Systems USA, Inc., a provider of telematics-based, fleet management solutions for commercial fleets, announced Sept. 25 a key enhancement to its fleet management system, Vehicle Management Information (VMI). The Fixed Data Terminal (FDT) feature provides customers with a two-way messaging system for instant communication with drivers and employees. "The FDT option extends VMI's leading-edge functionalities to include immediate, two-way driver/dispatch communication. Vital business transactions such as additional jobs, route changes, cancellations, new instructions and emergencies can be instantly transmitted for improved customer service and profitability," said W. Michael Smith, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Minorplanet Systems USA. "At an affordable cost, the FDT system provides companies with another way to more effectively and efficiently manage their fleet vehicles and their businesses." As a two-way, instant-messaging option, the company says the Fixed Data Terminal works seamlessly with the VMI system. The FDT includes an in-cab message display, a small keyboard, 32 customizable preset messages and unlimited free text capabilities. In addition, a built-in SOS function provides messaging in case of vehicle problems or emergencies. Kyle Burns, transportation supervisor for Sara Lee Bakery Group's 16-vehicle Dallas division, believes the FDT has significantly improved vehicle efficiency. "Many times I need to redirect our trucks while they are in transit to a delivery. Before Minorplanet's FDT feature, a truck had to travel back to the bakery to receive new or revised delivery instructions," explained Burns. "The FDT feature allows my managers to immediately redirect a truck, saving critical time and reducing vehicle mileage, on average by at least 50 miles per week per vehicle." About Minorplanet Systems USA, Inc.
Minorplanet Systems USA, Inc. (minorplanetusa.com) markets, sells and supports Vehicle Management Information (VMI), a fleet management solution that the company claims contributes to higher customer revenues and improved operator efficiency. VMI combines global positioning system (GPS) and wireless vehicle telematics technologies to monitor vehicles, minute by minute, in real time. The company also markets, sells and supports a customized GPS-based fleet management solution for large fleets like SBC Communications, which has more than 37,000 installed vehicles. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Minorplanet currently has a market presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, markets, with plans for additional metro markets in the future.