DriveCam Video Systems, producer of fleet safety and loss control systems, announced Sept. 25 the appointment of Mitch Dye as manager of safety services. Dye will be responsible for developing safety policy and procedures and overseeing implementation planning and training for DriveCam's fleet customers. He will also administer DriveCam's fleet safety certification programs, including the DriveCam Protected program, which certifies that fleets have properly incorporated DriveCam's Driving Feedback System into their fleet operations and driver performance standards. Dye comes to DriveCam from Cloud 9 Shuttle in San Diego, where he held the positions of human resource manger, training director, operations manager, and dispatcher over a five-year period. With experience in commercial fleet operations and a foundation in driver training, the company says Dye is uniquely qualified to manage DriveCam's driver safety and training programs. He also holds a Bachelors degree in business management. In making the announcement, DriveCam president Ed Andrew stated, "Mitch will support DriveCam's continued efforts to improve driving performance and fleet safety. His unique skills, experience and commitment will be a tremendous benefit to both DriveCam and our customers." DriveCam's Driving Feedback System has been recognized by the insurance industry as an effective loss control system. By providing feedback on driving performance, it improves driving behavior and reduces the frequency and severity of collisions. When a collision occurs, the evidence provided by the DriveCam recording lowers the insurance investigative expense and reduces claims settlements, according to the company. "Having been a driver, dispatcher and fleet operations manager, I know first-hand the value that DriveCam's Driving Feedback System provides, including reduced accidents and lower insurance costs," said Dye. "I am looking forward to working with DriveCam's customers to ensure that they get the most return on their investment in DriveCam." About DriveCam Video Systems
DriveCam Video Systems claims to develop fleet safety technology that improves driving performance and lowers operating costs. Based in San Diego, the company's Driving Feedback System combines video technology and management software to identify high-risk driving habits. Additional information is available at