Teletrac, Inc., a provider of metro fleet location information systems, has announced the availability of FleetDirector Service Mileage Reports, a new reporting feature for its FleetDirector product that it says helps fleet owners avoid high vehicle maintenance costs. FleetDirector's Service Mileage Reports feature produces on-demand, customized reports of the vehicle's mileage and last service visit, enabling fleet owners to better plan and schedule the service of their vehicles and prevent costly maintenance emergencies. Teletrac's FleetDirector is a wireless information system that gives real-time information on the location of commercial vehicle fleets. The new Service Mileage Reports help lower overall service costs by helping fleet owners predict when their vehicles will need service, instead of waiting until a vehicle or part breaks down, says the company. The reports also help fleet owners avoid expired service warranties. "FleetDirector's overall mission is to improve fleet owners bottom line, whether through enhanced productivity, customer service, or security," said Tony Eales, CEO of Teletrac, Inc. "Our new reporting feature provides fleets with yet another tool to decrease overhead, so they can concentrate even more energy and resources on core business practices." To use the Service Mileage Reports feature, fleet managers input basic vehicle service schedule information into their systems. FleetDirector then produces reports on demand on the vehicle's current mileage, mileage at last service, and predicted time and mileage for the next scheduled maintenance. The reports also provide accurate records of the vehicle's mileage over time. Speed and mileage information from each vehicle unit is constantly recorded using GPS technology, and is delivered to the fleet manager every time the vehicle sends a message. FleetDirector's Alert feature allows fleet managers to receive messages regarding vital location information on their cell phones, pagers, or email. If a vehicle is speeding, automatic alerts can be sent from Fleet Director to the manager's mobile phone, PDA or pager. For more information on FleetDirector Service Mileage Reports or Teletrac's full line of commercial vehicle location information systems, call 1-800-835-3872 or visit Teletrac on the Web at