Trimble announced Oct. 14 the release of its new SuperVision-Basic service plan for the Telvisant(TM) Mobile Resource Management (MRM) system. According to Trimble, the Telvisant system provides large and small businesses affordable, real-time asset tracking and monitoring based on Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The company said Telvisant SuperVision-Basic is designed to provide any fleet operator with the fundamental capabilities of identifying vehicle start/stop and speed locations in a zero installation, easy-to-use Internet application, priced as low as $19.95 a month. By using the nationwide GPRS wireless network instead of older, analog-based services, Trimble claimed it provides higher levels of service at lower prices than competing systems. The Telvisant SuperVision service plans are offered as three packages including Basic, Standard, and Professional, giving users the flexibility to match features and price to their business objectives. According to Trimble, the service plans provide users with options for mapping, reporting, and two-way text messaging, along with a choice of update and reporting intervals. The SuperVision-Basic plan incorporates the ArcIMS 4 Internet Map Server and RouteServer extension from ESRI, which specializes in geographic information system (GIS) technology. This software allows Trimble to provide a high performance, zero footprint Internet client for its MRM users, according to the company, which said other MRM systems often require intervention of system administrators to install browser plug-ins for mapping. In addition, the Telvisant system allows users to import vehicle position and event data into a variety of ESRI products such as ArcView, and ArcGIS Desktop, ArcExplorer for sophisticated GIS analysis, according to Trimble. Trimble said Telvisant is designed for a broad range of users, including utilities and telecommunications fleets, government, rental fleet owners, heavy machinery operators, transportation and logistics providers, and specialty fleets such as field service and repair companies. According to the company, the system offers customers a complete solution that connects vehicles and mobile workers to the enterprise for fleet and workforce management, telematics and vehicle security. For more information about Trimble's Telvisant system and service plans, visit