Autobytel Inc., an online car buying service and provider of automotive information, has launched its 2003 New Car Buyers Guide, now available on the 'research' areas at all four Autobytel websites,,, and Compiled by Autobytel, the Guide features overviews (reviews, anticipated pricing and roll-out dates, available trim levels, and more) for all new and significantly upgraded 2003 models, across all makes from the A4 Cabriolet to the highly anticipated Nissan 350Z. In addition to the Guide, the Autobytel sites also offer data, professional test drive reviews, and editorial features on new model vehicles, providing journalists covering the automotive space with a research resource for vehicle pricing, specifications, performance, descriptions, options, etc. Autobytel has also made available two of its top automotive experts, John Honiotes and Brian Chee, for new model analysis, trend reports and industry insight. Honiotes, Autobytel's vice president of automotive operations, offers over 30 years of industry experience, during which time he has distinguished himself as a visionary dealer and Internet auto commerce/marketing innovator. Autobytel senior editor and Buying Guide author Brian Chee, meanwhile, covers the automotive industry for Autobytel Inc. and is a frequent speaker at auto industry events. Chee is known for his unique insights on consumer trends and their attitudes about automobiles and auto accessories.