Tele Atlas North America, Inc. and Canada's DMTI Spatial, Inc. announced an alliance in which the two companies will provide a North American data package for TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications company. DMTI Spatial's CanMap RouteLogistics combined with Tele Atlas' MultiNet(TM) U.S. map database, provides TELUS with routing and street data files representing the most complete North American coverage available in the market. The pair said they will enable TELUS to incorporate this data solution into its range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Location Based Services (LBS) for North Americans. "We have a diverse array of products and services that are based on superior digital map data, making positional accuracy and comprehensive coverage the determining factors when choosing a data provider and partner," said Jim Huff, general manager of TELUS. "DMTI Spatial and Tele Atlas provide the optimal combination of comprehensive map data to improve and expand our offering with exceptional customer service and flexible business options to make it work." TELUS will utilize the map data solution to enhance a variety of ASP services (Application Service Provider). The data, housed in an Autodesk MapGuide-Oracle Spatial environment, will be used primarily in hosted GIS services including real-time data edits, mapped vehicle tracking, data queries and reporting, and thematic map generation, for a variety of companies in industries ranging from telecommunications to petroleum. "Our strategic alliance with DMTI Spatial combines the strength of our U.S. data with Canada's best and strengthens our global approach to the geospatial industry," said George Fink, president of Tele Atlas North America, Inc. "The end result of this alliance is a dual commitment to providing the most extensive, highly accurate map data available today that enables optimal addressing, inter- and intracountry routing as well as seamless business mapping capabilities to meet customers' needs." "Our alliance with Tele Atlas allows us to offer the industry's most complete North American map dataset available and delivers on our commitment to bring the best solution to our customers," said John Fisher, president and CEO of DMTI Spatial. "The possibilities to broaden solutions geared to expanding our clients' businesses are endless with Tele Atlas on our team." Tele Atlas North America, Inc. and DMTI Spatial forged an alliance in July 2001, joining their databases to create a routing and street map data available for North America. The single-source map data solution is a combination of Tele Atlas MultiNet USA, and DMTI Spatial's CanMap RouteLogistics. About Tele Atlas North America, Inc. Tele Atlas North America, Inc., headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tele Atlas NV. Tele Atlas North America, Inc. had its beginnings in 1983 with a vision to provide geographic information in digital form. The company focuses on providing content to key market sectors including Telematics/Automotive Navigation, Location Based Services (LBS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For more information on Tele Atlas products and services, please visit About DMTI Spatial DMTI Spatial is a Canadian geospatial data provider. DMTI Spatial is the creator of: CanMap, a nation-wide, precision-built street map and routing database; GeoPinpoint, a suite of geocoding and address management software; and a portfolio of points of interest data, census and postal geography, topographic maps and elevation data. To find out more about DMTI Spatial, visit or call toll free: 1-877-906-6674. About TELUS TELUS Corporation is a Canadian telecommunications company providing a full range of telecommunications products and services that connect Canadians to the world. The company is a provider in Western Canada and provides data, Internet Protocol, voice and wireless services to Central and Eastern Canada.