Recovering a kidnap victim, retrieving a stolen car or giving you directions to the nearest Italian restaurant -- OnStar has done it all, according to the Chicago Tribune. OnStar is the emergency communication system that General Motors Corp. first offered in selected Cadillacs in the 1997 model year. For 2004, OnStar is upgraded with an accident notification system. Rather than alerting OnStar to send medical help only when a front or side air bag deploys, the updated system will employ sensors to alert OnStar of a medical emergency in a front, side or rear-impact collision based on force of impact, whether a bag deploys or not, according to the Tribune. OnStar is now offered in 44 of GM's 52 models and counts more than 2 million subscribers. A handful of GM vehicles don't offer OnStar now, but will when due for a redesign, such as the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette, the Tribune said.