The Chrysler Group unit of DaimlerChrysler announced Oct. 23 a new approach to the technology required to perform impact simulations during vehicle development. The announcement was made at the kickoff of Convergence 2002, the global transportation electronics conference. According to the company, the approach utilizes a Linux cluster of commercial-grade PCs, also known as workstations. It enables the Chrysler Group to perform impact analysis simulation at a speed that is 20 percent faster than the company's previously used hardware solution, maintaining the same precision required from the analysis of the simulations, and at a cost that is 40 percent lower than the other solutions available on the market today. "The dramatic shift we are seeing in the price-performance curve on computers will allow us to perform impact analysis with greater precision and reduced turn-around time," stated Bernard Robertson, senior vice president of Engineering Technologies and Regulatory Affairs for the Chrysler Group. "We expect to see a direct contribution to the quality and safety measurements of our vehicles, as well as improved productivity, lower cost with faster speed-to-market."