Pocket PC Magazine announced that Mapopolis has received the Pocket PC Magazine "Best Software Award" for the Maps and Directions category. This award was announced at the Pocket PC summit located in Hollywood, CA. Mapopolis says the software for the Pocket PC platform allows you to generate turn-by-turn directions, view and search maps, and navigate with "heads-up" audio and visual prompts. "We are glad that Pocket PC Magazine has reaffirmed what we and our users have always known," said Mapopolis executive vice president Jeremy Straub, "that Mapopolis is the best navigation software on the market for the Pocket PC." Mapopolis is available from www.mapopolis.com and other online PDA software resellers such as handango.com. Pricing ranges from $14.95 for a basic subscription to $89.95 for our premier navigation product, Mapopolis Navigator. Mapopolis Platinum and Mapopolis Navigator use data from Navigation Technologies, the same data used in all US in-car navigation systems. Founded in 1999, Mapopolis.Com, Inc. has become a specialist in mapping and navigation software for PDAs and other portable devices. Building upon the original release of Mapopolis for PalmOS in 1999 which was limited to locating streets and intersections, the company has expanded to offer a full line of products. Mapopolis customers include General Electric Interlogix, Police & Fire departments and the United States Probation Office.