Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Christie Whitman and Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham on Oct. 29 announced the 28th annual mpg estimates for 2003 passenger vehicles. For the third year in a row, the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicles continue to be the fuel economy leaders. In addition to being fuel-efficient, these vehicles are also among the cleanest vehicles available, according to the EPA. "The fuel economy guide allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions about what kind of gas mileage a new vehicle gets during normal usage," said Whitman. "By choosing more efficient models, people will not only save themselves money at the pump, they will help improve the quality of our environment. I believe that when people are provided the information this guide contains, they will make smart decisions that benefit both their checkbook and the air we all breathe." "The DOE and EPA have joined forces to provide clear, unbiased information to help car-buyers choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets their needs," Secretary Abraham said. "By driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle, a vehicle powered by alternative fuels, or even by driving our current vehicles more efficiently, we can all do our part to reduce our nation's reliance on imported oil and strengthen our energy security." A joint EPA and Department of Energy Web site, www.fueleconomy.gov, provides detailed information on vehicle fuel economy, including a complete version of the Fuel Economy Guide. The site includes fuel economy information going back to 1985, which can be helpful for buying used cars. The Web site also includes emissions and safety data for model year 2003 vehicles as well as fuel-saving tips for drivers. The printed version of the "2003 Fuel Economy Guide" will be available at car dealerships, public libraries and credit unions later this fall. Fuel economy estimates are determined by averaging numbers gathered through tests conducted by manufacturers and verified by EPA. Vehicles are tested in a controlled setting and the results are adjusted to reflect actual driving conditions. All vehicles are tested in the same way so consumers can compare the results when choosing a vehicle type or class. The miles-per-gallon ratings appear on window stickers on all new cars and light trucks prior to sale. Consumers can use this information to identify the most fuel efficient vehicles to purchase. EPA has also posted the 2003 models on the Green Vehicle Guide Web site to give consumers a full picture of fuel economy and automobile emissions. Consumers can use this guide to locate the cleanest and most fuel efficient vehicle that meets their needs. To access this guide, visit: www.epa.gov/greenvehicles. 2003 MODEL YEAR FUEL ECONOMY LEADERS Manufacturer/Model City/Highway 1. Honda Insight (hybrid electric, manual) 61/68 2. Honda Insight (hybrid electric, automatic) 57/56 3. Toyota Prius (hybrid electric, automatic) 52/45 4. Honda Civic Hybrid (hybrid electric, automatic) 48/47 5. Honda Civic Hybrid (hybrid electric, manual) 46/51 6. Volkswagen Jetta Wagon (diesel, manual) 42/50 7. Volkswagen New Beetle (diesel, manual) 42/49 7. Volkswagen Golf (diesel, manual) 42/49 7. Volkswagen Jetta (diesel, manual) 42/49 8. Toyota Echo (manual) 35/43 9. Volkswagen Golf (diesel, automatic) 34/45 9. Volkswagen Jetta (diesel, automatic) 34/45 9. Volkswagen Jetta Wagon (diesel, automatic) 34/45 10. Volkswagen New Beetle (diesel, automatic) 34/44