Top executives of the world's two biggest automakers plan to meet this week with religious leaders who are trying to make fuel economy of U.S. vehicles a religious as well as environmental issue, according to the Wall Street Journal. Among those leaders is an evangelical Christian group that plans to roll out a TV ad campaign arguing that gas-guzzlers are contrary to Christian moral teachings about protecting people and the earth. The tagline for the ads: "What Would Jesus Drive?" Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford Jr. and top officials of General Motors Corp. have agreed to meet Nov. 20 with representatives of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment, a group whose members include Christians and Jews, the Journal reported. One of the leaders, the Rev. Jim Ball, plans to announce that his group, the Evangelical Environmental Network, which represents evangelical Christians, is launching TV ads in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and North Carolina, urging Christians to buy the most fuel-efficient vehicle that they think suits their needs.