Minorplanet Systems USA, Inc., a provider of telematics-based management solutions for commercial fleets, on Dec. 3 announced an exclusive, patented data transfer option for its advanced fleet management system, Vehicle Management Information (VMI). The low-power radio frequency (RF) option utilizes two-way radio waves that enable Minorplanet customers to download critical vehicle location information free of charge, according to the company. "Our patented RF technology provides another way for our customers to reduce expenses while improving productivity levels and increasing their bottom lines," said W. Michael Smith, executive vice president of Minorplanet Systems USA. "Typically, vehicle data is downloaded over the cellular network, which incurs monthly airtime costs for the customer. With RF, customers whose vehicles regularly return to the same location or 'base' can now transfer vehicle information reliably and at an excellent price: free." Minorplanet's RF option was extensively tested in the United States and has been in use in the United Kingdom, where the company's majority shareholder is headquartered, since 1996. Minorplanet's cellular download option uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network, with providers T-Mobile (formerly Voicestream) and Cingular Wireless. About Minorplanet Systems USA, Inc. Minorplanet Systems USA, Inc. (minorplanetusa.com) markets, sells and supports Vehicle Management Information (VMI), a fleet management solution that the company says contributes to higher customer revenues and improved operator efficiency. VMI combines global positioning system (GPS) and wireless vehicle telematics technologies to monitor vehicles, minute by minute, in real time. The company also markets, sells and supports a customized GPS-based fleet management solution for large fleets like SBC Communications, Inc., which has more than 37,000 installed vehicles. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Minorplanet currently has a market presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin, Texas markets, as well as Atlanta and Los Angeles, with plans for other metro markets in the future.