Chrysler and Mitsubishi will build small and midsize cars on variations of the same chassis rather than as separate projects as planned, a Chrysler executive told Bloomberg News. Chrysler Executive Vice President of product development Richard Schaum told Bloomberg News that the two car makers would get "significant" savings by pooling basic designs among future versions of as many as nine current models when they begin selling redesigned models in about 2005. According to Bloomberg News, Chrysler will save $100 million by using a Mercedes-Benz transmission in sedans due in 2004, Schaum added. Citing Schaum, the news service said the two companies would use the basic chassis and suspension components planned for the next generation of Mitsubishi Lancer and the replacement for the Dodge Neon and stretch and modify them to build the larger Dodge Stratus and Mitsubishi Galant sedans and other midsize models. Originally, the midsize and small cars were separate projects.