According to Reuters, Ford announced it will appeal a $225 million wrongful death award handed down by a Texas jury over the deaths of two people in an accident involving one of its F-150 pickup trucks. "We will be appealing it," Ford spokeswoman Kathleen Vokes told Reuters. According to Reuters, the Plaintiffs in the case alleged that defective roof and door latches contributed to the deaths of Paul Alaniz, 35, and Laura Benavides, 20, when the F-150 extended-cab pickup they were riding in rolled over during an accident in southern Texas in July of 2001. Vokes told Reuters no defect had been found in the truck. "Our condolences go out to the families involved but this accident was caused by a speeding driver losing control of his vehicle," Reuters quoted Vokes as saying. According to Reuters, Ford lawyers maintained during the trial that Alaniz was drunk and speeding when the accident happened and that neither he nor Benavides were wearing seatbelts.