According to Enterprise Fleet Services, in any economy, smart business owners look for ways to cut costs and add efficiencies. Considering the economic challenges of the past year, this has become even more important While some companies are hesitant to outsource because of the perceived additional costs, in reality many companies with small to mid-size fleets are finding it can more economical to outsource fleet management than to handle the added responsibilities in house. The bottom line is that outsourcing can have a direct and positive impact on saving time as well as significant dollars. For Scott Templin, president and general manager of Temperature Service Company, a commercial and industrial mechanical contractor in Elk Grove, Illinois, overcoming an initial resistance to outsourcing has proved to be not only a sound financial decision, but also one that has saved valuable time. A $6 million company with more than 25 service technicians and approximately 40 vehicles, Temperature Service Company chose Enterprise Fleet Services, which specializes in providing fleet management services for companies with 15-125 vehicles. According to the company, working with Enterprise, Templin has been able to control costs by taking advantage of discounts on vehicles, as well as various incentives. For example, with the assistance of a local vendor, Enterprise was able to customize aftermarket equipment to Temperature Service Company’s required specifications. “By saving us an additional $2,000 for each van that required additional equipment, we saved considerable time, as well as money,” said Templin. Enterprise also says Temperature Service Company saves time and money by outsourcing vehicle maintenance, using a combination of two different maintenance programs offered through Enterprise. “We participate in a maintenance management program for our older vehicles that helps control costs through consolidated billing,” said Templin. “And for our newer vehicles, we know our fixed costs through 100,000 miles per vehicle, so we don’t have to spend our own time tracking maintenance and matching invoices.” Templin added that together these programs have reduced the company’s overall maintenance expense by approximately 15 percent annually. Enterprise’s full-service capabilities include vehicle acquisition, registration and reporting, risk management, vehicle disposal and remarketing, maintenance and fuel management and more. As a full-service company for businesses with small to mid-size fleets, Enterprise Fleet Services supplies virtually all makes of cars, light and medium duty trucks and service vehicles to businesses nationwide. For more information, visit its Web site at or call toll free 1-877-23-FLEET.