Auto manufacturers have been slow to introduce models powered exclusively by electricity because conventional wisdom dictates consumers hadn't shown a willingness to give up power for the betterment of society. But as technology has improved, the combination of gasoline and electricity in the same vehicle has begun to reach sales levels that are at least on an upward trend, according to USA Today. "It's a mating of the two types of power," says Oliver Oates, a Toyota hybrid car specialist. "Buyers like the innovative technology. They often know more than I do when they come in to buy these cars. That's not so with other models." Oates said customers often were surprised by the hybrid's acceleration and overall power. Sales of the Toyota Prius and Honda Motor's two hybrids, the Insight and the Civic Hybrid, have hardly stunned the auto industry, but representatives of the Japanese car manufacturers say they're happy with the results of combining the two power sources, USA Today said.