DaimlerChrysler Fleet has announced a "Spring Break" Order Bonus Program that they say will offer help with the decisions pertaining to upcoming fleet purchases. According to the company, this incentive is a bonus for early orders of 2004 Grand Cherokee, Sebring Sedan and Stratus Sedan and the 2004 Intrepid and Concorde. Also included are selected 2003 vehicles: Durango, Minivan (includes the all new Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan Cargo Van) and PT Cruiser. Following are details of the program. If you have further questions, please contact your local Regional Account Manager or the Fleet Information Center at 1-800-999-Fleet. “SPRING BREAK ORDER BONUS PROGRAM” Timeframe: Orders received from 1/1/03 – 4/18/03 will be automatically coded with an incentive code for this program. Orders must be built/PSP’d before 06/30/03 (030604). Orders received prior to 1/1/03 with a PSP date equal to or greater than 2/1/03 (030201) will meet eligibility requirements. Eligible Vehicles:
2004 Intrepid/Concorde, $1000; 2004 Stratus/Sebring Sedans, $1000; 2004 Grand Cherokee, $1000; 2003 Durango, $1000; 2003 Minivans (includes Caravan and Grand Caravan C/V)*, $1000; 2003 PT Cruiser, $1000
*Excludes eL and eX Minivan models Eligible Type of Sale: Type 3, Type 5 and Type 6 Spring Break Order Bonus Program is compatible with the following Programs:
Fleet Purchase Allowance Program; Local Stand Alone Consumer Cash (SACC); Consumer Purchase Loyalty; Stand Alone APR; Consumer Cash Plus APR; Consumer Lease Loyalty; Consumer Lease Cash; CFC/Chase Lease; Distant Delivery; Individual Lease Program; On the Job Incentive Program; Farm Bureau Program; DaimlerChrysler Fleet Volume Incentive Program Spring Break Order Bonus Program is NOT COMPATIBLE with the following Programs:
Guaranteed Depreciation Program; Daily Rental Purchase Program; Bid Concession Numbers; Bid Out of Stock Program; Driver Education; DRAC; or other programs unless specifically included in those programs. ORDERS PURCHASED FROM DEALER STOCK ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS INCENTIVE PROGRAM Upon submission of an order into the system between January 1, 2003 and April 18, 2003 a special “Spring Break” code will automatically be added to the order identifying this as eligible for the “Spring Break” order incentive, which will be reflected on the factory invoice as an invoice credit. Note: This credit is intended for the end-use Registered DaimlerChrysler Account and it is the responsibility of the selling dealer to pass this incentive through unless otherwise authorized by the purchasing registered DaimlerChrysler Fleet Account in writing (see Fleet Incentive Acknowledgement Form).