Auto-Bolt Security Systems, Warren, Michigan announces receiving the Innovations Award for Design and Engineering 2003 from the Consumer Electronic Association just prior to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Jan 9-12, 2003. "We are extremely pleased with the recognition from the industry and will continue our quest to produce innovative security and safety products and services for vehicles" says Greg Everett, inventor and producer of the DoubleLock TM dead bolts for vehicle doors. "I look forward to the day that all vehicles will have the benefit of the strength,simplicity, and security that our dead bolts provide, as OEM direct from the vehicle manufacturers." According to the company, since the introduction of DoubleLock there have been no vehicles stolen that are equipped with the simple but strong bolts. "When installed, they are not really noticeable unless they are pointed out to passengers or prospective buyers," says Everett "and the activation is as simple as pushing a remote control button" an important feature for work vehicles that find mechanical locks to cumbersome or inconvenient to lock and unlock. "That means a savings in time for the driver/worker and the assurance that the security that the company paid for on that vehicle is being utilized each time the vehicle is parked, increasing the value of any security device or system" says Everett "and for your family car, a peace of mind that the vehicle stays where you park it, because the DoubleLock system is simple,strong, and secure, the only person opening the door is the driver with the remote transmitter!"