Symbiot Business Group announced the selection of Navtrak, a specialist in mobile workforce monitoring, mapping and reporting, as its preferred Purchase Power Partner (P3) in mobile asset management technology. According to the company, the Symbiot P3 Program links thousands of property service companies with a group of distributors, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and other business partners in the service industry. Symbiot developed the P3 concept to bring products and services to the Symbiot Network Partners and Affiliates with discount volume pricing that is generally only reserved for the largest nationwide providers. Symbiot chose Navtrak because of the advantages it could offer its Network Members, including the benefits of real-time tracking and reporting, robust maps and superior customer service. “One of Symbiot’s primary objectives is facilitating the sales and marketing channels of P3 Partners to sell to the Network companies.” said Drew St. John, executive vice president. “Navtrak’s mobile workforce efficiency tools make them a perfect fit. I’m happy to introduce our members to a product that protects assets, increases efficiency and boosts their bottom-line.” Navtrak says it uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and cellular technologies, the internet and proprietary software to deliver a package of customizable data to subscribers. “When you are looking at over 200 companies, even in the same field, needs will vary greatly. Navtrak’s flexibility allows users to tailor maps, views and reports to what’s most important to them,” said John Page, Navtrak vice-president of National Accounts. “In addition to the GPS Fleet Management capabilities of the Navtrak solution, several of the property service companies are feeding this mobile work force data directly into their payroll system eliminating workers having to keep a log of their job activities giving them more time for additional customer jobs.” “We are pleased to be Symbiot’s choice partner in this field, and are looking forward to providing service to Symbiot’s Network Members across the country.” concluded Ron Hodges, Navtrak CEO.