Safety is a chief concern for female car and truck buyers, according to a new poll. Of about 500 women polled Jan. 9 about what they want in a new vehicle by the Women's Economic Club, nearly 75 percent said safety features are a critical factor in their purchasing decisions, according to the Detroit News. About a third of the women said fuel economy has also become a much more important criterion in their vehicle selections. Nearly the same proportion said they would consider buying a vehicle with a hybrid electric-gasoline powertrain, which is cleaner and more fuel-efficient than internal combustion engines. Customizing holds little interest for most of the women -- 69 percent would not pay extra to add accessories to their vehicle, according to the News. Slightly more than half of the women said they are intrigued by the new generation of sport utility vehicles that drive like cars, but a convertible is the dream vehicle for 56 percent. As for pickup trucks and minivans, they may be practical but they don't make womens' hearts race -- only 2 percent of the women surveyed dream of owning them, according to the News.