Socket Communications, Inc., the Mobile Connection Company, announced the availability of its Bluetooth GPS Navigation Kit featuring Socket's MyNavigator complete in-car navigation software for Pocket PCs, as well as the Socket Bluetooth GPS Receiver (announced November 18, 2002). According to the company, with the latest map information, drivers can plan their trips quickly and be on the road safely without having to read a handheld map or cryptic instructions. According to Socket, large graphics and clear voice prompts ensure drivers can stay focused on their driving. The software provides turn-by-turn instructions and map support for the U.S. and U.K. European maps will be added in the near future. "By combining Mobility Friendly(TM) software with the smallest GPS receiver available for Pocket PCs, our Bluetooth GPS Navigation Kit lets people make a single purchase that enables them to quickly and easily get where they want to go without having to deal with cumbersome cables," said John Doub, director of External Bluetooth Products for Socket. "Built with the mobile user in mind, MyNavigator has the most intuitive user interface on the market and includes an array of helpful features including missed-turn correction, on-the-fly route modifications, almanac functionality, and speed alerts settings, enabling drivers to focus on their driving and not on where the next turn will be." "GPS assisted PocketPC road navigation is a fast-evolving area. It's very exciting to see a solution where a lot of thought was put into optimizing the user experience by offering extended features while maintaining excellent usability," said Guillaume Perrotin, founder of, an online site dedicated to GPS on the Pocket PC. "The Bluetooth GPS Navigation Kit is a very compelling solution thanks to its entirely wireless concept and feature - and usability-rich software." Socket's Bluetooth GPS Navigation Kit will be available February 10, 2003 through Socket's website ( and through Socket's worldwide distribution channels for a suggested retail price of $529. About Socket Socket Communications, Inc, the Mobile Connection Company, provides a broad range of connection products for Windows-powered handheld computers, including Bluetooth cards, wireless LAN cards, digital phone cards, 56K modem cards, and Ethernet cards. Socket also provides bar code scanning products and peripheral connection serial cards for laptops and other mobile devices. Socket products work with a variety of handheld devices including Pocket PCs, Palm PDAs and mobile phones. Socket is headquartered in Newark, California, and can be reached at (510) 744-2700, or on the Internet at