efleetmgmt, an online management, education and information resource for fleet/transportation managers, announced it is offering a series of online management courses designed specifically for fleet dispatchers, managers and other transportation professionals in trucking operations of any size. The Transportation Management Training Series (TMTS) will consist of 35 online courses covering equipment, maintenance, financial management, human resources, safety, logistics and compliance. An initial 12 courses are available online now at efleetmgmt¹s website at www.efleetmgmt.com. Titles include Fleet Budgeting That Works, Utilizing Activity Based Costing for Fleet Operations, Implementing an Internal Fleet Security Plan and Building an Effective Fleet Safety Program. According to efleetmgmt President Lisa Deyo, continuing education will help fleet employees managing medium duty vehicles keep pace with their rapidly changing and competitive industry. "Today's managers can't exist in an education silo. They have to possess financial management and human resource skills and understand safety and compliance issues. And they need to know how transportation fits within the overall strategic direction of the organization." According to the company, the availability of online courses gives an affordable option to medium duty vehicle fleet operators with limited budgets that recognize the value of providing continuing education for their employees, Deyo says. "In tough economic times, one of the first things to be cut is education and training. Many fleets don't have the financial resources or can't spare the manpower for someone to travel to a distant site to get training. By being able to take these courses through any computer that has Internet access, they can get training at a fraction of the cost of having to travel, plus they won¹t have to take time away from their work and their duties. "In addition, fleet personnel can stay on the cutting edge in performing the safe and efficient management of their fleet operations and be more effective in their jobs," Deyo says. "This can be a steppingstone for people to move up in their transportation departments." The fleet safety course's topic areas include controlled substance and alcohol policy, accident and incident management, hours of service and fatigue management, and managing equipment and inspections. "This course helps them focus on the areas of their operation that are at risk and need to be addressed in a safety program," Deyo says. "And it gives pointers to get employee buy-in to ensure the program¹s success." The TMTS curriculum is being developed by efleetmgmt's advisory board, which includes some of the top names in the transportation and logistics field. "We have assembled some of the leading experts on our advisory board and they have contributed considerably to these courses," says Deyo. Course contributors include Joe Hanna, Ph.D., associate professor of logistics at Auburn University; R. Patrick White, former traffic and transportation manager at Coca-Cola USA, and principal of WhiteTrans Solutions, Inc.; James Gulick, director of transportation for Fresh Express, Inc.; John Christman, compliance coordinator, Kodak Rochester Transportation, Eastman Kodak Company; Rachel Urso, transportation compliance supervisor, United Stationers Supply Co.; and Tom Sorensen, core technical services manager, and Tom Rosson, industrial engineer, both of Coors Brewing Company. Hanna is educational adviser for TMTS and will oversee course content. Students who score 80 percent or better on course exams will receive a certificate of completion and continuing education units from Auburn University. "The goal of the TMTS is to offer smaller sessions of learning that address the continuing challenges faced by trucking operations," Hanna says. "These courses provide an affordable educational resource for companies focused on broadening the knowledge and skills of their fleet management team." Courses cost $79 each and fleets signing up for multiple courses for several employees will receive discounts, according to Deyo. Each course takes two hours to read and test online. Online discussion forums will be set up for students to exchange ideas about course content, while members of efleetmgmt's advisory board will be available to answer questions about the courses. For more information about TMTS, call (540) 399-1010 or email at info@efleetmgmt.com. A link to the TMTS is available at the efleetmgmt website. Deyo launched efleetmgmt in 2001 after nine years' experience in education and training at the National Private Truck Council, where she was vice president of education and member services. efleetmgmt is an Internet-based education and professional development resource for corporate fleet and transportation professionals. The company offers online courses, distance learning and educational conferences designed to assist fleet and transportation managers to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their fleet operation.