Networkcar, a Reynolds and Reynolds company, announced that it has acquired the rights to a patent for a system that collects, transmits and displays diagnostic and performance information from motor vehicles equipped with onboard diagnostic systems. According to the company, this patent describes an in-vehicle device that collects diagnostic and location-based information from a vehicle, and then wirelessly transmits this information to a central, Internet-accessible computer. The computer translates and displays the information to diagnose and locate the vehicle. A user views the information from a secure Web page. "This patent strengthens Networkcar's already solid position as the leading provider of remote diagnostics and real-time performance monitoring services for consumers, automotive service providers, fleet managers and government agencies," said Dave Dutch, president of Networkcar. "Additionally, we have several pending patents covering remote diagnostics, wireless smog tests, and Internet-based, real-time vehicle performance and location data." Networkcar, Inc. ( is a provider of around-the-clock services for monitoring the performance, location and security of consumer and fleet vehicles. The company features performance monitoring technology and satellite-location systems that enable the company to provide solutions for car maintenance and operation on the market today. The Networkcar Service includes real-time car performance updates, Smart Roadside Assistance, stolen vehicle recovery services and Car Guardian, a feature that allows a car owner to find their car by accessing a secure Web page. Reynolds and Reynolds ( is a provider of integrated solutions that help automotive retailers manage change and improve their profitability. The company's software, service and training solutions include a full range of retail and enterprise management systems; networking and support; e-business applications; Web services; learning and consulting services; CRM solutions, document and data management and leasing services. Reynolds serves more than 20,000 customers comprising 90 percent of the automotive retailers and virtually all car companies in North America. It conducts CRM consulting services on five continents.