According to Commercial Fueling Network (CFN), the WebNCC will allow CFN members the ability to access and manage all business functions 24/7 from any computer with Internet access. Web-based functionality includes managing and administering cards and accounts via the Web, adding and modifying cards, accounts and their statuses and running various detailed reports with many sort options. All changes take affect in real time throughout the nationwide CFN network. John Sullivan, CFN's chief information officer, says he developed the WebNCC to offer CFN members more flexibility and enhanced functionality. "The CFN WebNCC will have a major impact on how our customers do business. Office hours may be 8 to 5, but exceptional customer service is 24/7." According to the company, migrating to the WebNCC will also be the catalyst to CFN’s latest technology upgrade, CFN 4.2. CFN 4.2 Phase I will offer enhanced functionality including Customized PIN’s, Host Controlled Products, Third Party Cards, acceptance of T-Chek cards, Multiple Products and Host Controlled Quantity. Host Controlled functionality will allow card changes to be done online without having to remake the fueling card. CFN provides attended and unattended fueling locations throughout the United States and Canada. Their "live" system offers 24/7 Internet access to fueling information along with exceptional reporting on both the member and end-user level.