Teletrac, Inc., a provider of metro and regional fleet location information systems, announced at World of Concrete the availability of Trailer and Asset Tracking Units, new devices that it says increase the security of commercial vehicle trailers and mobile assets as well as provide inventory management. The units, which are installed in a piece of equipment or a truck trailer, report location information to the operator or owner if they have started to move, or have been stopped for a pre-set time period, enabling fleet owners to locate and recover stolen vehicles and equipment. According to the company, their partnership with Numerex Corp. allows nationwide coverage in the U.S. as well as coverage in Mexico and Canada, via Numerex's Cellemetry(r) network. Users can also set the units to report location information from any point in the U.S. if they have been moved outside of a pre-set zone of compliance. The Trailer and Asset Tracking Units report through FleetDirector, Teletrac's wireless vehicle location information system that allows operators and owners to view the location of their commercial vehicle fleets in real-time on their computer screens. Trailer and Asset Tracking Unit location reports can be viewed on screen, or through alerts sent to operators and owners portable devices. Instead of constantly polling for and reporting unit status and location, both units are programmed to report to the user new location information only if they have been moved, stopped for more than a set amount of time, or moved outside of a defined geographical zone, according to the company. "In this day and age, security is key for all industries with commercial vehicle fleets, whether it's a question of asset protection, driver safety or even national security," said Tony Eales, CEO of Teletrac, Inc. "Teletrac is proud to provide practical, affordable technology that fulfills the security needs of all types of commercial vehicle fleets." The Asset Tracking Unit secures a piece of equipment or cargo with its own power source, and contains a receiver, an antenna, wiring and a backup battery. It is capable of locating an asset, even when detached from its vehicle. The Trailer Unit is designed to monitor a truck trailer, and is self-contained with its own solar panel recharging system and battery pack. It is installed behind a false wall in the trailer. According to the company, users may choose to set the Trailer or Asset Tracking Units as either "armed" or "disarmed" through a switch. An armed unit automatically reports to the dispatcher when movement occurs, communicating new location and status information. If the unit is disarmed, no locations or statuses are sent to the user. Instead, locations are logged to a data storage box, which can be recovered and downloaded upon request by a technician. As the unit moves, it will continue to send in location messages based on time and distance. For more information on Teletrac's Trailer and Asset Tracking Units, or Teletrac's full line of commercial vehicle location information systems, call 1-800-835-3872 or visit Teletrac on the Web at Or, stop by Teletrac's booth at World of Concrete, #1471. About Teletrac
Teletrac, based in Garden Grove, Calif., is the originator of wireless metro location information systems. The company's products give commercial fleet managers the tools to track their fleets' movements, ensure that their employees are meeting productivity goals and fulfilling the needs of their respective customers. Teletrac's customers include Dial-a-Mattress and the city of Houston, Texas. The company offers service in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., including Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix and Detroit. Teletrac is a private, wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Trafficmaster, Plc., the dominant quality traffic information provider in the worldwide telematics market. For more information, please visit Teletrac on the Web at