According to DaimlerChrysler, the 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 draws heavily on the Dodge tradition of producing powerful trucks with a strong sense of style. The company says the Ram SRT-10’s features were sculpted using DaimlerChrysler’s new wind tunnel, and with a nod to the Dodge Ram NASCAR truck series entry. “Our theme was to add muscle where it was needed, not unnecessary adornment,” said Trevor M. Creed, senior vice president, Design, Chrysler Group. “We spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel with the Ram SRT-10, so that is why you see a deep front fascia with a splitter and a subtle rear wing. In fact, we have managed the aerodynamics of the Ram SRT-10 to give this vehicle performance more befitting a sports car than a truck. The rear wing is not only functional, providing a reduction in lift, but it also provides a reduction in drag, which is a rarity for a wing.” The company says the most noticeable exterior feature of the new 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 is a unique hood that features a wide power bulge and scoop sitting atop the signature cross-hair grille. The Dodge Ram SRT-10 is available in black, red and silver only. The updated Ram lines of the Ram SRT-10 provide a look of machined elegance with a lower, and even bolder, stance than the standard Ram. The Ram SRT-10 rides on unique 22-inch polished aluminum “Viper-style” wheels, the largest wheels available on production pickup, according to the company. “There is a slightly understated air about the SRT-10, especially considering its performance potential,” said Rick Aneiros, vice president, Truck Design. “But as powerful as the overall theme of the Ram SRT-10 is, we were determined not to make this another boy racer truck. We added functional aero tweaks to deliver a truck that can handle 150 mph-plus speeds. Its true design identity is found in the unique details, such as the red brake calipers visible behind the new 22-inch wheels, the mesh grille covering the air intakes and the lowered stance. The SRT-10 is instantly recognizable as something different from Ram, more powerful but with subtle detailing. It means business.” “We wanted to capture the feel of a sports car without sacrificing the safety, utility and luxury afforded by the standard Dodge Ram,” said Mark Trostle, design manager, Truck Exterior and Interior Studios. “The carbon fiber trim on the leather steering wheel, satin silver center console and interior door handles and the unique door trim panels differentiate the SRT-10 from the standard Ram and create an environment that enhances the sport/performance feel of this truck.”