Magnet Paints has announced it is now offering Chassis Saver, a direct-to-rust chassis paint and underbody coating that bonds to rusted metal to stop rust permanently. The company says unlike ordinary coatings, Chassis Saver requires no primers or topcoats and can be applied directly to rusted metal with only a wire brushing. Chassis Saver dries to form a hard, yet flexible coating that will not crack, chip, flake or peel, according to the company. The company says Chassis Saver costs 30 percent less than competing Paint-Over-Rust products and is now available in new antique-satin black, silver-aluminum and traditional gloss black. It is ideal for fleet managers interested in heavyweight rust protection at lower cost. Satin Black is a welcome addition for restorers looking to keep things original, says the company. Chassis Saver has a proven, 10 year track record on public works and Department of Transportation vehicles exposed to snow, ice, salt, and humidity. Chassis Saver chemically bonds to rusted metal and is completely unaffected by road salts, chemicals, solvents, acids, gasoline, diesel fuel and corrosives. It works by isolating metal from oxygen and moisture and without these factors present, rust is halted permanently, according to the company. According to Thomas Vanek of the Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT), Chassis Saver has been used to successfully protect key snow and ice removal equipment that is constantly subjected to salt and liquid calcium chloride – an extremely corrosive combination. “This product (Chassis Saver) has been most effective in retarding this effect. It has reduced by fifty percent the amount of refinishing we have had to do on our vehicles. We would highly recommend this product to anyone facing similar situations with their fleet,” says Vanek. For more information contact Magnet Paints at 336 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701; (800) 922-9981; fax (631) 842-8222, or visit