Quick Fuel Fleet Services has announced that its automated fueling facilities now accept the Voyager fuel card. According to the company, Government and non-profit fleets who use the Voyager card at Quick Fuel facilities obtain federal motor fuel tax exemptions directly at the pump. The company also says that Voyager card customers now have access to over 50 Quick Fuel stations in the major metropolitan markets of the Midwest and South. Transactions at Quick Fuel stations will be integrated into Voyager's standard fuel management reports and invoices. In addition to accepting Advantage and Advantage Plus access cards, Quick Fuel facilities accept most major national fuel cards, including Fuelman, Comcheck, Wright Express, EFS, ExxonMobil Fleet, T-Chek and TransFund. For more information, fleet managers should contact Quick Fuel at 1-800-522-6287, or visit www.quickfuel.com.