Fleet owners have a new option available to make it easier to equip their trucks with an obstacle sensing system. The RearSentry(tm) from Rostra Precision Controls can now be leased through Empire Leasing of Liverpool, NY, according to the company. "We know for a fact that the use of our RearSentry Obstacle Sensing System can help to prevent accidents and vehicle down time. Nationwide statistics show that the majority of at-fault accidents occur when backing up, and 27 percent of all accidents occur in reverse - that's one every 90 seconds," said Thomas Weiss, vice president, Automotive Accessories Group, Rostra Precision Controls. "And leasing can be one of the most cost-effective sales tools available. It helps to spread the overall cost out over time, versus a large initial capital investment." By leasing the product, fleet owners are not required to make a large initial capital investment, but rather, can finance the systems over a given period of time, Weiss said. Rostra also will provide prospective lease customers with a return-on-investment analysis of their actual yearly accident costs versus the cost of leasing the RearSentry, said the company. "This is a no-strings-attached ROI analysis that we perform for fleet managers. We know we can save companies money with this lease program, and it's an eye-opener for many when they see the actual costs in black and white," Weiss explained. According to the company, the RearSentry gives fleet vehicles an extra measure of safety. The system is designed specifically for use in fleets, and is available for installation in a variety of local delivery and medium-sized trucks, utility vehicles, cargo vans and private equipment. Rostra's RearSentry system uses microwave technology to warn drivers when an obstacle is in their path. Operating like an extra set of eyes for drivers, the RearSentry detects objects that are not in clear view. It mounts out of sight behind or on the vehicle's rear bumper, and alerts drivers to obstacles up to 12 feet from the rear of the vehicle. It works in the dark, at night, and in even the poorest weather conditions like heavy fog, rain or snow. The driver is alerted through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity as the object draws closer, and from an in-cab read-out display with green, yellow and red lights. RearSentry comes with a five-year, 50,000-mile warranty. For more information, contact Weiss at Rostra Precision Controls, 910-291-2529, or at tweiss@rostra.com. Information also is available directly from Michael Macy at Empire Leasing, 7721 Black Willow, Liverpool NY 13090; (800) 388-7394; or email info@empireleasing.com. Rostra Precision Controls Inc., headquartered in Laurinburg, North Carolina, is a supplier of vehicle speed control systems, transmission components and vehicle comfort seating systems to the global automotive aftermarket industry. The company also is a manufacturer of electronic controls, systems and components for the original equipment automotive industry. It holds ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certifications. For more information or to find a dealer for the RearSentry or other Rostra products, please call 800-782-3379, or visit www.rostra.com.