The RearSentry obstacle sensing system from Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. is now included in the ongoing Safety Equipment General Credit Program with the 1st Guard Corporation. According to the company, the RearSentry uses microwave radar based technology to automatically search the rear of heavy duty vehicles to detect obstacles, people, or obstructions, preventing backing accidents or damages, as well as reducing insurance claims and exposure. With the high number of fleet backing accidents, Ms. Donna Fortuna, president of 1st Guard Corporation, recognizes the safety value in automatically detecting obstacles and people behind vehicles when backing up. "The Rostra RearSentry rear obstacle sensing device falls under the general credit given for equipment which adopt and operate safety devices and improvements," she said. The company says the inclusion of the Rostra RearSentry product will allow fleets and owner operators who purchase the Rostra RearSentry for their safety and risk management programs to be considered for the general insurance premium credit allowed by the 1st Guard Corporation for the use of safety components and services. Interested fleets and owner operators should direct their inquiries and questions on this new insurance general credit program to the Customer Service Department at Rostra Precision Controls, 1-800-782-3379 (or fax 910-276-1354; email or the 1st Guard Corporation, 1-800-995-4827 (or fax 941-485-5435; email