Tele Atlas, a worldwide provider of digital map data, has announced additional dynamic content sources serving wireless location-based service providers. Tele Atlas, who claims to be the first to integrate traffic incident content, has now added real-time speed data and real-time weather to enable accurate true-time travel calculations for navigation and location-relevant wireless data services. Tele Atlas says it is the only location content aggregator to provide a comprehensive solution that offers a navigation map database linked with multiple nationwide dynamic content sources. By aggregating map and dynamic location content from a number of sources, Tele Atlas makes it possible for developers and service providers to deploy personalized wireless and web services. Tele Atlas organizes the North American street network into specific road segments, allowing real-time location information to be associated with each segment. Tele Atlas' map data contains more than 300,000 pre-defined location IDs specific to individual road segments. These IDs can support a variety of dynamic content relevant to that road segment, and ultimately a user's current location. Location-enabled phones, wireless PDAs and telematics/navigation systems will be able to identify users' locations and deliver real-time travel and weather information about situations users could encounter along their routes, as well as identify alternative travel routes that could be taken to avoid delays, says the company. "Tele Atlas is committed to teaming with its partners and customers to facilitate the integration of all the content necessary to deliver innovative and compelling location solutions," said George Fink, president and chief operating officer of Tele Atlas North America, Inc. "We are proud to deliver added value to wireless, navigation and telematics location-based service providers by delivering multiple types of dynamic content to their applications from a single source, thus simplifying the content acquisition and integration processes." Tele Atlas' aggregated location content includes real-time traffic incident, speed, sensor, weather event, scheduled local events and speed limit data. Tele Atlas location content, linked to the most powerful map database available in North America, is available as a total package containing all dynamic content or individual stand-alone components such as traffic, weather, speed, or other dynamic data. Demonstrations of Tele Atlas' location content aggregation may be seen at CTIA Wireless 2003 in the Tele Atlas booth # 2045. More information is also available at, or by calling (800) 295-MAPS. About Tele Atlas
Tele Atlas is a worldwide provider of digital maps. Its North American subsidiary is based in Menlo Park, Ca. The company says it enables its customers' success through unsurpassed leadership in delivering both high-quality digital maps and real-time traffic information for business and consumer applications. Tele Atlas focuses on providing content to key market sectors including Telematics/Automotive Navigation, Location Based Services (LBS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).