Networkcar, Inc., a Reynolds and Reynolds company, has introduced Networkfleet, a fleet management technology. According to the company, fleet managers will have on-line access to detailed vehicle performance indicators such as mileage, speed, speed history, malfunction indicator lamp status, fuel efficiency and diagnostic trouble code descriptions, in addition to standard location-based information. The company says Networkfleet uses the CAReader to collect and organize detailed automotive information directly from a vehicle's engine computer and location-based information from a global positioning system (GPS) device. Information is transmitted wirelessly to an information center where it is made available to fleet managers in the form of immediate e-mail alerts, summary e-mail reports or easy-to-read Web pages. CAReader is compatible with virtually all light and medium-duty vehicles manufactured since 1996. According to Dave Dutch, president of Networkcar, "While many companies sell GPS systems for fleet tracking, this is the first time a truly integrated system has been available that combines location-tracking functions with robust performance information directly from a vehicle's engine computer." The company claims that Networkfleet can help reduce costs and save time for fleets. For example, fleet managers can identify vehicles with decreased fuel efficiency on a Web site and then take action to correct minor problems. For fleets, fuel is the second largest operational cost behind depreciation. By being able to increase miles per gallon throughout a fleet, a fleet manager can reduce fuel costs. "We feel fleet managers will be able to significantly reduce operating costs by using Networkfleet features like fuel efficiency tracking and speed tracking," said Donald Brady, national fleet manager for Networkcar. "We also see other ways fleets can save money like the no cost smog check program currently available in California and on-line service histories that can help fleets receive higher prices on the resale of their vehicles. "In addition, Networkfleet runs $200 to $300 less than competing products that only provide location tracking," added Brady. According to the company, each morning the fleet manager receives an e-mail report indicating any vehicles that are due for service or have reported diagnostic trouble codes. The fleet manager also may review this information in more detail on a customized Networkfleet Web site. In California, fleet managers can enroll their Networkfleet vehicles in a special program for remote smog checks that saves the fleet operator the time and cost associated with physical inspection by exempting them from smog checks if their vehicle is running cleanly. Networkfleet also allows fleet managers to better protect their human and physical assets since the standard service package includes nationwide stolen vehicle recovery and roadside assistance for light vehicles. Networkcar, Inc. ( is a provider of around-the-clock services for monitoring the performance, location and security of consumer and fleet vehicles. The company features performance monitoring technology and satellite-location systems that enable the company to provide solutions for car maintenance and operation. The Networkcar Service includes real-time car performance updates, Smart Roadside Assistance, stolen vehicle recovery services and Car Guardian(tm), a feature that allows a car owner to find their car by accessing a secure Web page. Reynolds and Reynolds ( a provider of integrated solutions that help automotive retailers manage change and improve their profitability. The company's software, service and training solutions include a full range of retail and enterprise management systems; networking and support; e-business applications; Web services; learning and consulting services; CRM solutions, document and data management and leasing services. Reynolds serves more than 20,000 customers comprising 90 percent of the automotive retailers and virtually all car companies in North America. It conducts CRM consulting services on five continents.