Global sales at Japan's five biggest automakers rose in February from the year-earlier month, though exports to the United States fell for most car makers amid worries that war in Iraq would lead to softer demand in the world's largest car market, according to the Wall Street Journal. The smallest automaker of the five, Mazda Motor Corp., posted the biggest percentage rise -- 16 percent to 88,947 vehicles, the Journal said. Honda Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp., ranked second and fourth largest auto makers in Japan, also posted double-digit growth in overseas output to boost global production by 7.7 percent and 3.5 percent, respectively, according to the Journal. Production in the United States and U.S.-bound exports fell at some auto makers as softer-than-expected demand in the world's biggest car market pushed up inventory levels over the past few months, the Journal reported. Analysts said production could fall further unless carmakers use heavy incentives to sell less-popular vehicles, especially at a time when demand has taken a hit during the war in Iraq, according to the Journal.