Yokohama Tire Corporation has launched the "Fuel Price Buster" program, which rolls back prices by at least 10 percent on the company's most fuel-efficient commercial tires until diesel fuel prices drop below $1.50 per gallon on a national average. "We believe we are the first tire manufacturer to offer this type of program," said John Cooney, director of Commercial Sales for Yokohama. "This is a true discount – no coupons, no rebates or credits – just an immediate across the board discount to every single Yokohama national account. And the products included in the program are the BEST we have to offer. The Maintenance Saving Concept (MSC) commercial tire line rises to the top when it comes to reducing the overall operating costs of a fleet." "News reports indicate that rapidly rising fuel costs are a tremendous concern to fleet owners and operators. Further, fleet owners have no control over the factors affecting these costs, costs that can significantly affect their ability to be profitable. The Fuel Price Buster program is a pro-active way to provide national accounts the tools they need to be profitable and successful," Cooney added. According to Yokohama, its MSC products represent the company's most advanced tread and casing designs and are among the most fuel efficient in today's market. The RY637 addresses irregular wear often experienced with steer axle tires, lengthening original tread life and decreasing overall maintenance costs of the tire The RY587 incorporates a fuel-efficient rubber compound into the design of the tire that lowers the average cost per mile by providing long wear and reduced rolling resistance. As for the TY527, every feature is designed to maximize original tread life, durability, retreadability and to reduce rolling resistance, says the company. Yokohama plans to run the Fuel Price Buster program from April 1 to June 30, 2003 and will re-evaluate the program at that time. The national average diesel fuel prices used in the program are based on the Energy Information Administration's Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices report. Yokohama Tire Corporation manufactures, markets and distributes a complete line of products for high performance, light truck, passenger car, commercial truck and bus, as well as off-the-road mining and construction applications For more information please visit or call (800) 423-4544.