Drivers found more relief at the pump last week as the average gasoline price fell 4.1 cents to $1.649 a gallon, mirroring the drop in crude costs at the start of the war with Iraq, the government said March 31. The national price for regular unleaded gasoline was still up 28 cents from a year ago, but has declined 8 cents a gallon from its record high two weeks ago, based on a survey of service stations by the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration. Lower crude oil prices right before and after the start of the U.S.-led war against Iraq appear to have been passed on to consumers at the pump. However, oil prices are on the rise again due to market concerns that the Iraqi war may last longer and political unrest in OPEC-member Nigeria has disrupted that country's oil production. As result, gasoline prices could turn upward once more, according to USA Today.