Competitive Technologies, Inc. announced a commercialization program designed to license its patented new brake light emergency-stop warning system. CTT says it is issuing licenses to original equipment manufacturers and to aftermarket firms for the new electronic vehicle safety device. J. Scott Bechtel, CTT's VP Technology Commercialization, said, "In 2001, 2.4 million rear-impact crashes, 22 percent of 10.7 million passenger-vehicle crashes, accounted for about 1,300 passenger-vehicle occupant fatalities. Additionally, the 2.4 million rear-impact crashes caused billions of dollars in property damage and personal injury losses." According to the company, the emergency-stop warning system is completely self-contained within the existing center high mounted stop lamp (CHMSL) currently required on all cars. This new system senses an emergency stop vs. normal braking by measuring the g-forces on the vehicle during braking. When these forces exceed an emergency threshold, the system signals the emergency braking condition using alternating left-right flashing lights located at the outer ends of the CHMSL. As required by US Department of Transportation regulations, the center portion of the CHMSL remains illuminated during the entire braking cycle as it does for normal braking. "Life-saving technologies are another example of CTT finding answers to the needs of the market," according to John B. Nano, CTT's president and CEO. "Clearly, rear-impact collision reduction is an example of the type of problem that can be mitigated using simple inexpensive technology. There is an urgent need for these kinds of technologies and they serve very large markets. CTT selects the best solutions for commercialization from hundreds of technology sources including leading universities, corporations, and independent researchers." CTT says it also offers licenses for a vehicle rollover technology that senses dangerous driving conditions or excessive vehicle incline and warns the driver of imminent danger. The low cost sensor and electronics technology fits inside the vehicle's rear-view mirror. The new technology is applicable to all vehicles, including SUVs, motor homes, heavy trucks and off-road vehicles. About Competitive Technologies, Inc. Competitive Technologies, established in 1968, is focused on the technology needs of its customers and transforming those requirements into commercially viable solutions. Visit CTT's website at