PHH has announced the launch of communications technology and systems designed to enhance PHH's ability to electronically communicate with clients, drivers and supplier partners. According to the company, communication can be delivered in the way chosen by the recipient, either email, regular mail, fax, etc. The key to enabling this customized communication is a Web Services-based notification engine combined with policy information and a client, driver and supplier database. This automated system works in accordance with client policy and enhances proactive communication. The system has been operative since early 2003. New elements in the eCommunications initiative:
  • For the past several model years, PHH has emailed vehicle selectors, order status, and delivery coordination proactively to drivers. In the next few months, PHH will enhance this capability to broaden the number of drivers receiving these emails and add to the number of events that trigger a proactive notification to drivers.
  • Currently being launched is the ability to automatically notify drivers regarding registration renewals.
  • Coming soon is eCommunication of preventive maintenance scheduling.
  • PHH also uses its eCommunications capabilities to contact dealers, maintenance shops and other suppliers on a variety of important topics to streamline administration and enhance service. According to Dave Zuidema, vice president, Customer & Vehicle Services, "We're using the powerful technology of our Web Services to go to the next level in delivering world-class customer service. Our eCommunications project is a multi-faceted approach to increasing speed, flexibility, accuracy, and clarity in our interactions with fleet managers, drivers, and our supplier base." Founded in 1946, PHH Arval is a leading vehicle management company. A subsidiary of Cendant Corporation, PHH Arval says it provides integrated leasing, management and card payment solutions to thousands of corporate, government and service-related fleets, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. In conjunction with Arval PHH, its strategic partner in Europe, PHH Arval manages over a million vehicles worldwide. For more information about PHH, call 1-800-ONLY PHH or visit