According to the Web site, ATX president and CEO Steve Millstein said if vehicle-based telematics is to succeed, providers must tailor services to address the specific needs of the customer segment each vehicle model targets rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach. "The demographic profile of a Mercedes M-Class customer is different from that of an S-Class customer, and the demographic profile of a BMW 7-Series customer differs from that of a 3-Series customer. The telematics built into those models should reflect those differences," Millstein said. "It makes sense for some vehicle manufacturers to emphasize safety services while others should focus more on route guidance, vehicle maintenance applications or remote-controlled vehicle functions." The site further said that customizing services for consumer segments represents a necessary shift in approach if telematics is to successfully integrate into a vehicle manufacturer's and dealership's marketing plans. Millstein said ATX has developed a new telematics service that allows drivers to use their cellphone to remotely start their car and set the interior's climate control temperature. The system can also be used to unlock car doors when owners lock the keys in their vehicle. ATX's interactive voice recognition system will be used for the interface between owner and vehicle. The climate control and remote door unlock features are the first in a series of segmentation services the company plans to introduce. The ATX president said as telematics services expands beyond the luxury and near luxury model lines - into the super-luxury models, pickup trucks, mini-vans, mid-level and sports wagons - differentiation in telematics services will be accomplished not only through customized services, but also through customized bundles and through the vehicle interface technology. "Research has shown that pickup truck owners value different specific telematics services to minivan owners," said Millstein.