Automotive Networks, LLC announced plans to launch WHEELS TV, the first national television network focused exclusively on automobiles, motorcycles, and trucks. WHEELS TV targets a fourth quarter 2003 launch with a lineup of original and acquired programming that explores the many aspects of our century-long fascination with motor vehicles. Programs on tap will be magazine and lifestyle programs, documentaries, new vehicle profiles, how-to shows, travel, safety and recall alerts, event coverage, news, movies, TV action and comedy series. Shows currently in development include: Ultimate Garage, World's Fastest Wheels, The Highway My Way, and Hot Streets. WHEELS TV President Jim Barisano states, "We've been producing automotive programming for major networks and the auto industry for 15 years. This experience will be put to good use with WHEELS TV. The automobile plays a huge role in everybody's life, yet it is underserved in the television world. WHEELS TV is going to change all that." According to the station, WHEELS TV will launch with a robust programming library, including automotive history, auto-enthusiast features, and magazine-style stories drawn from the founders' numerous hit program series, including Wild About Wheels. "In today's crowded automotive marketplace, manufacturers are looking for new and more efficient ways to reach consumers," Barisano added. "WHEELS TV will work closely with the auto industry to creatively deliver its message to our uniquely targeted audience - viewers who are already thinking about the car." "Automotive is a huge untapped market for programming and advertising," said Frank Hughes, vice president of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), an organization representing small and medium-sized cable operators that serve more than 14.5 million subscribers. "This viewer segment has substantial buying power, spending over $700 billion each year on vehicles, aftermarket parts, and auto accessories. WHEELS TV will be the first network of its kind to serve this market with creative programming and product information." John Coscia, WHEELS TV's executive vice president adds, "The knowledge we've gained from producing prime-time, general-interest automotive television for worldwide distribution is being leveraged to create a powerful network with proven consumer appeal. The automobile is everywhere on the planet. I believe that ultimately, WHEELS TV will be, too." WHEELS TV is the first 24/7 television network that focuses on the global fascination with automobiles, motorcycles, and trucks launched by Automotive Networks, LLC in cooperation with Global Television Network, Ltd., a producer of automotive programming for television and the auto industry. ABOUT WHEELS TV WHEELS TV is a subsidiary of Automotive Networks LLC, a Delaware corporation. WHEELS TV has been developed in cooperation with Global Television Network, Ltd., producers of automotive programming for Discovery, PBS, Speedvision, Fox, and Outdoor Life Networks. WHEELS TV is dedicated to celebrating the beauty, action, fun, and excitement of the world's love affair with the automobile.