Navigation Technologies, a provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation, Internet/wireless applications and business solutions, has announced enhancements to its map-linked POI offering for North America. In October 2003, Navigation Technologies says it will make available the first of two datasets that utilize business listings information from D&B Sales and Marketing Solutions. "Navigation Technologies initiated the development of these offerings to provide customers improved quality, quantity and flexibility of business listings. Launching these datasets signifies the availability of the most inclusive North American map-linked POI offering in the industry," said John MacLeod, executive vice president - Global Marketing & Strategy for Navigation Technologies. According to the company, D&B provides the global business information, decisioning tools and expertise needed to help customers make confident business decisions. The company claims that over 90 percent of the Business Week Global 1000 rely on D&B as a trusted partner to Decide With Confidence. Navigation Technologies' new POI offerings leverage D&B's data quality, the result of a multi-step process for collecting, validating and updating data. D&B's raw data acquisition process integrates information obtained from multiple sources, and D&B's on- going quality assurance process enhances the timeliness and accuracy of the data, according to the company. Navigation Technologies will begin shipping the first of its new NAVTECH POI datasets to its North American customers in October. The new dataset will offer approximately 1.8 million POIs in 46 categories. Transition to this new product will be seamless for current Standard+ customers. The cost of this new dataset is included in the base license fees for the use of NAVTECH map data. Propelled by D&B's North American business information, Navigation Technologies will also offer a greatly expanded POI dataset. This expanded dataset offers over 13 million POIs in more than 1000 categories and is available separately. Navigation Technologies' customers will also benefit from the dataset's enhanced flexibility. Customers have the option to select categories they deem relevant and to develop customized POI category groupings to meet their specific needs. For example, a customer can create specific lifestyle categories of POIs such as family entertainment or outdoor activities. This expanded POI dataset will be available commercially in the first quarter of 2004. Both datasets are available to Navigation Technologies' customers in all industries. "Our customers in the automotive, Internet and wireless industries have varying needs, requirements and budgetary considerations. We are pleased to be able to meet our customers' extensive and varied POI content requirements and to do so at a very attractive price," said John MacLeod. About Navigation Technologies
Navigation Technologies creates digital maps that power navigation and location-based services around the world. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and is privately held. The Company's 1,200 employees are in over 100 offices in 18 countries. For more information, visit