K40 Electronics has introduced its new RD850 Portable Radar & Laser Detector, a portable radar and laser detector backed by a speeding ticket guarantee. K40 says it is able to offer this type of guarantee because the RD850 features patented technologies and test proven performance. According to the company, the RD850 features a new microwave receiver and waveguide antenna design for increased sensitivity to all police radar frequencies: X, K, and superwide Ka. Enhanced software programming offers an automated calibration check so only true police radar frequencies are scanned and nearly all false signal warnings are eliminated. The company also says that when the RD850 encounters the VG2 "radar detector detector", it powers down to prevent detection and also warns of VG2 presence with audio and visual alerts. This is an especially useful feature in states (Virginia & Washington D.C.) where the use of radar detectors is illegal. According to the company, all the hardware needed to quickly mount and dismount the RD850 to a vehicle's dash, visor, or windshield is included. Because the RD850 is over 30 percent lighter than previous K40 portables, it offers stronger, more secure mounting. The RD850 plugs into any standard power port and offers user conveniences like programmable Auto Mute, selectable City/Highway mode, display brightness control, and adjustable volume. K40 Electronics says it subjected the RD850 to field testing to ensure the RD850 could deliver ticket-free confidence to drivers. In tests conducted by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc. (SML) on April 17, 2003, in Fort Worth, TX, the RD850 turned in best in class performance. "In our test of the industry's top rated portable radar detectors, no other detector outperformed K40's new RD850 portable for maximum range reception on all bands from two miles. It provided outstanding performance to all radar guns under all conditions," said Carl Fors, SML's president and internationally recognized authority and published author on radar, laser, and speed enforcement technologies. K40 also offers a performance guarantee with the RD850 that is unmatched in the radar detector industry. If an RD850 owner receives any radar speeding tickets during the first year of ownership, K40 will pay the cost of each fine. The RD850 is also backed by a one year parts repair/replacement warranty. As is the case with all products produced by K40 Electronics, the RD850 is available for purchase only through select authorized new car dealerships and specialty electronics stores. Suggested retail price is $299.95. Established in 1977 and headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, K40 Electronics is a manufacturer and distributor of mobile electronics products that include the Undetectable Remote Radar System, the Laser DefuserPlus laser jammer, and various configurations of CB radio antennas. Product information can be obtained by calling K40 at 800-323-6768 or by visiting its website at www.k40.com.