General Motors announced it is running a new advertising campaign to attract car and truck buyers who wouldn’t usually consider its various brands into showrooms, Reuters reported. GM said it will launch the print campaign to attempt to convince US vehicle buyers that GM vehicles now have world-class quality. It will follow with other ads aimed at improving GM's overall image beyond the incentive deals it regularly offers buyers, the news agency said. "The message of the ads is simple. We may not have done everything right in the past, but we've learned from it, we've improved from it and today we're confident our products bear a much closer look," GM North America president Gary Cowger told Reuters. Cowger told the news agency that GM had a record on quality, technology and customer satisfaction that it could back up with facts, but had not made any real attempt to publicize it with consumers. Cowger reportedly added that about 40 percent of US buyers do not consider GM vehicles, including around 10 percent to 20 percent who reject anything with a GM brand. GM's vice president of corporate advertising, John Middlebrook, told the news agency the new program could not change GM's image overnight. "This is a long-term communications program. This is not something that we think we're going to see numbers change in the next 30 days," he told Reuters.