Profit-sapping rebates, blistering competition and a limping U.S. economy do not seem to unnerve Brent Dewar, Chevrolet's new general manager, according to the Detroit News. Responsible for a General Motors Corp. division that sold 2.6 million vehicles in 2002 and expects to reach 3 million this year, Dewar remains remarkably calm in the face of such a difficult market, the News said. One Chevrolet strategy to boost sales is to sell more cars, which many dealers have neglected in favor of higher-profit trucks that are easier to sell. Chevrolet buyers are typically drawn to trucks, even in traditionally strong car markets, such as California and the East Coast states, according to the News. Dewar is familiar with the selling dynamics of the eastern states. Prior to his current job, he was GM's regional manager for the Northeast zone, based in New York. He admits that a big part of his challenge is shifting dealers' attention to cars, but he's betting that a pair of new products will prove instrumental in making that happen, the News reported.