The 2004 Chrysler Crossfire sports coupe, arriving in dealerships, has announced a new advertising print campaign that it says captures the essence of the Chrysler Crossfire in just six words: "Dreamed in America. Crafted in Germany." That is the new positioning statement in a print campaign debuting June 13 in USA Today and running in other national publications. "'Dreamed in America. Crafted in Germany.' really says it all when describing the Chrysler Crossfire, because it's a vehicle that combines stunning American design with proven German engineering," said Tom Marinelli, vice president, Chrysler marketing. "The Chrysler Crossfire truly leverages the Chrysler and Daimler-Benz merger." According to the company, the Chrysler Crossfire shares approximately 39 percent of its technology with other vehicles in the DaimlerChrysler enterprise. The Crossfire is built in Germany, in conjunction with Karmann, a long-time DaimlerChrysler partner with more than 100 years of manufacturing experience. The new campaign is black and white. The photo of the Chrysler Crossfire in the debut ad was taken at a test track in Papenburg, Germany, approximately one hour from the Karmann facility, says the company. "Because this is the first year of production, dealers will have 9,000 Chrysler Crossfires available for sale this year," said Bonita Stewart, director, Chrysler marketing communications. "Consequently, this new campaign will convey a sense of urgency to automotive enthusiasts who want the all-new Chrysler Crossfire," said Stewart. Chrysler Group says it has the capacity to build 20,000 Crossfires on an annual basis for worldwide distribution.