The days of planning a road trip using traditional road maps may be over, as online driving directions and GPS navigation systems become more widely adopted, according to Televigation. A provider of GPS navigation over mobile phones conducted a Web poll in which 52 percent of respondents cited their preferred method of road trip planning was to receive online driving directions. This includes journeys for both business and/or pleasure. The company added that the use of GPS navigation systems during road trips was chosen by 4 percent of those surveyed. If these systems were more affordable, an additional 74 percent showed interest in using these services in their vehicles. Conversely, traditional road maps were the low-tech tool of choice for 34 percent. The poll revealed that standard maps are now primarily used as back-up resources to double-check routes. Another choice for obtaining directions was to ask for directions from friends and family members, selected by 4 percent of respondents, said the company. Supporting Televigation's findings, a separate survey conducted by Driscoll-Wolfe Marketing & Research Consulting found that over 60 percent of consumers are interested and willing to pay $10 or more a month for GPS navigation services that are built into mobile phones, said the company. "Until now GPS systems have been out of consumers' reach because of high costs," said Salman Dhanani, senior director of marketing at Televigation. "With the emergence of GPS navigation through mobile phones, more people can cost-effectively receive up-to-date route information, helping them reach their destination quickly and easily." For further information on Televigation's wireless motion-based navigation and tracking products, visit or About Televigation Televigation is a provider of wireless motion-based services, which include GPS navigation and tracking. Televigation's technology can deliver voice-interface, feature-rich motion-based services over standard mobile phones and other wireless devices. The company's flagship product, TeleNav, is a navigation service similar to the GPS systems found in luxury vehicles, but integrated into mobile phones, costing a fraction of the price.