Smith System, a professional driver training company, has announced the schedules for its multi-company driver and instructor training courses held in cities across the U.S. and at its headquarters in Arlington, Texas. Multi-company classes are open to any fleet driver or fleet instructor. Companies can also schedule private classes to be held at their location or in Arlington. According to the company, the Multi-Company Advanced Driver Training course is a one day course that begins with two hours of in-class instruction on the Smith System concept of Space Cushion Driving. The majority of the day is spent on the road, coaching and evaluating each student’s driving habits. Areas of focus include proper following distance, controlling intersection risks, anticipating driver error, and reducing backing collisions. Each participant will receive a written evaluation, handout materials and a certificate of completion. The fee for attendance is $290.00 per participant. The company says the Multi-Company Instructor Training and Certification course is a week-long program that teaches in-house company instructors on how to spot driving habits that cause collisions, evaluating driver performance verbally and in writing, conducting a meaningful classroom presentation, demonstrating Smith System driving techniques behind the wheel, coaching drivers while driving, and more. The fee for attending the Arlington, TX, course is $1,185.00 per person and the regional course price is $1,590.00 per person. Accordiing to the company, the Multi-Company Instructor Refresher course is designed for instructors who have completed the Smith System Certified Instructor Training Course two or more years ago. It includes on-road instruction, practice on the verbal explanation of the Five Keys, re-emphasis on teaching backing accident avoidance, and new developments in teaching the Smith System. Enrollment is limited to a maximum of five students to insure appropriate individual attention. The fee for attending the Arlington, TX, course is $500.00 per person and the regional course price is $595.00 per person. All participants are eligible for a 10 percent discount on English language training aids purchased within 30 days of course completion. For a full schedule of classes and locations, or to enroll, call Smith System at 800-777-7648. About Smith System
Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. was founded in 1952 as the nation's first fleet driver safety training organization with on-road, hands-on safety education techniques for experienced drivers. Smith System delivers behind the wheel instruction to more than 15,000 fleet drivers each year and has presented their program in 47 countries. In the past decade, Smith has provided services to more than half of the current Fortune 500® fleets. In addition to its on-road training and extensive video and DVD library, the company offers web-based education and fleet monitoring. Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. is owned by a private investment partnership led by McFadden Brothers, a New York City based firm. For more information, visit