The "What Would Jesus Drive?" campaign in the United States has been turned around and fired back at the anti-SUV brigade, according to Associated Press (AP). Frustrated by the ads attacking sport utility vehicles, a pro-SUV group is launching new ads celebrating the vehicles for their safety and versatility, AP said. According to Associated Press, the Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America is running a full-page ad in Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington editions of the July 14 USA Today newspaper that asks: "What Would Jesús (Rivera) Drive?" The ad shows a smiling Jesús Rivera and his 1995 SUV. According to AP, Rivera says he likes his SUV because it gets him through the snow in winter, and his wife likes it because she can easily transport their grandchildren. The ad urges SUV owners to protect their rights. AP noted that some Christian leaders who back the "What Would Jesus Drive?" campaign contend that vehicle choices are moral decisions, and that SUVs cause harm by increasing pollution and oil dependence. The ad cost the pro-SUV group, which has several hundred members, $17,000, Associated Press said.