DriveCam Video Systems, a developer of fleet safety technology, has announced the availability of HindSight 20/20 version 4.0, a Windows-based software program used by commercial fleets to evaluate and improve individual driving performance. Enhancements for Version 4.0 were specifically designed to accommodate large fleets, says the company. According to the company, HindSight 20/20 software works in conjunction with the DriveCam video event data recorder to identify high-risk driving habits and reduce the frequency and severity of collisions. When a vehicle is driven in an unsafe manner, such as swerving or hard braking, the DriveCam event recorder captures a video of what the driver sees and hears. HindSight 20/20 software automates the process of downloading these video events to a computer, where fleet managers view and analyze driving performance. HindSight 20/20 version 4.0’s enhanced functionality and advanced features include:
  • Networking to allow an unlimited number of users to access the database and review driving events.
  • SQL database for scalability.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Expanded management reports to track driver and fleet performance improvement over time.
  • Use of multiple docking stations and/or remote docking stations for downloading events.
  • A point-based grading system for driving skills.
  • Ability to export video files in multiple formats. “We worked with our larger fleet customers to provide them with the additional features they need to maximize the benefits of the DriveCam fleet safety program,” said Ed Andrew, president of DriveCam. “They use DriveCam’s video event recordings in every aspect of fleet operations, from driver training and performance evaluations to settling insurance claims.” About DriveCam Video Systems
    DriveCam Video Systems develops fleet safety programs that it says improve driving performance and lower operating costs. Based in San Diego, the company’s Driving Feedback System combines video technology and management software to identify high-risk driving habits. By changing driving behavior, the Driving Feedback System has lowered annual accident rates by 35 percent to 70 percent, according to the company. When accidents occur, DriveCam recordings provide unbiased evidence to determine fault and expose fraudulent insurance claims. Used by thousands of commercial vehicles, the Driving Feedback system has been endorsed by the insurance industry as an effective loss control system. Additional information is available at