MRO Software, a provider of strategic asset management solutions, announced the availability of a focused solution for the transportation industry, MAXIMO 5 Transportation. According to the company, MAXIMO 5 Transportation is part of MRO Software's Industry Solution program. As part of the program, MRO Software is delivering solutions that address industry specific requirements for its key vertical markets. The solutions consist of extensions to MAXIMO, integrations to key partner solutions and licensed best practices. The company says this tailored vertical solution addresses important requirements for the transportation and fleet management markets, such as Industry Standard Codes (VMRS), line code reporting, improved original, extended and after-market equipment and parts warranty tracking and fuel management interfaces. This focused offering is designed to provide a strategic asset management solution that covers assets critical to transportation including vehicles, rolling stock, infrastructure and facilities. The new transportation solution is available on MRO Software's proven MAXIMO 5 platform. The flexibility provided by MAXIMO's Web-based platform provides a significant cost savings over older, capital-intensive, client-sever systems and provides the flexibility, security and scalability required in the transportation industry. "We selected the MAXIMO Transportation solution as part of our revolutionary life cycle costing and management program for Detroit's nearly 500 school buses," said Dale Goby, executive director, office of student transportation, Detroit Public Schools. "We've developed our own specific requirements for our maintenance-driven program that will help to prolong vehicle life cycles and improve safety and performance metrics. We expect that MAXIMO will be an integral part of our new process to deliver on our mission of safe, efficient and on-time delivery of eligible Detroit Public School's students." "By providing a single solution that covers multiple transportation asset classes, we're offering a more complete solution that provides visibility and control across a range of assets," said Johan Arts, director, industry marketing, MRO Software. "At the same time, MAXIMO has unique capabilities for specific market segments, such as its networked asset model, that are key differentiators for transportation customers who need to model linear assets like rail lines and roadways. With a solid transportation customer base and a proven solution, we are focused on enhancing our Transportation capabilities by working closely with our customers." As part of the Industry Solutions Program for Transportation, MRO Software is also announcing an expanded partnership with Optram, Inc. ORIM, Optram's linear asset management system, is the solution of choice for many MRO Software rail and infrastructure customers. MRO Software currently provides asset management solutions for 250 transportation customers, including more than 120 fleet customers, and more than 40 rail and transit customers. Transportation customers worldwide have seen improved operational efficiency as a result of MAXIMO implementations. These improvements include greater warranty claims, the ability to manage more assets with less staff, reduced inventories and a reduction in the number of capital assets required to meet operations schedules. About MRO Software, Inc.
MRO Software is a provider of e-Business solutions for strategic asset management. The Company's integrated suite of applications optimizes performance, improves productivity and service levels and enables asset-related sourcing and procurement across the entire spectrum of strategic assets. The Company's asset management solutions allow customers to manage the complete lifecycle of strategic assets including: planning, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement. Using MRO Software's solutions customers improve production reliability, labor efficiency, material optimization, software license compliance, lease management, warranty and service management and provisioning across the asset base.