Families taking road trips this summer will likely argue about how to get to their destination. Televigation, a provider of GPS navigation over mobile phones, has revealed results of a survey which show that 84 percent of drivers and passengers admit to quarreling during car journeys. Televigation polled 285 consumers in July 2003. Results revealed that the biggest cause of frustration are arguments over who is responsible for getting the family or couple lost, or who misread the map or misunderstood directions, according to the company. I n addition, respondents indicated that differences of opinion over the best route, including shortest or fastest, was also a cause of fights. As part of the survey, the company says 78 percent of respondents stated that if given the opportunity, they would want an in-car navigation system installed in their vehicle. "There's nothing worse than spoiling the start of a summer vacation by getting lost, or having arguments about the best route to get to the destination," said Sal Dhanani, senior director of marketing at Televigation. "What was once expensive GPS and navigation technology is now available for only a few dollars a month and can be operated on Nextel's Motorola iDEN cell phones. Disagreements over routes and map reading should be a thing of the past so families can enjoy their vacation as soon as they set off in the car." For further information on Televigation's wireless motion-based navigation and tracking products, please visit www.telenav.net and www.telenavtrack.net. About Televigation Televigation is a provider of wireless motion-based services, which include GPS navigation and tracking. Televigation's technology can deliver audio and graphical interface, motion-based services over standard mobile phones and other wireless devices. The company's flagship product, TeleNav, is a navigation service similar to the GPS systems found in luxury vehicles, but integrated into mobile phones.